Small Websites for Small Business

Every small business needs a website. It's the online equivalent of your business card; a link you can easily pass on, containing your contact details and a summary of your products and activities.

Your site does not need to be the size and complexity of eBay or Amazon.
A small, well designed site can be just as effective at broadcasting your message - and that's what we do best at useful.

Our sites are original, W3 compliant, eye-catching - and most of all, affordable. They are designed to be accessible, readable and easy to navigate. Good, clean design is no accident and it need not cost you a fortune. You will be told in advance of all costs associated with your web site.

Planning your site starts with a meeting to discuss your needs and preferences - the style, the colours, the functions. You can provide content and photographs or we can take care of this for you. If you need assistance in finding a web host or registering your domain name - we can help. Each useful website is individually created and coded; we don't use mass-generated templates.                Your business is unique - your website will be, too.

We can also design your logo and letterhead, prepare layouts for all your advertising needs to a 'print-ready' state, prepare documents, books                     and manuals and provide personalised tuition in maintaining                                your own website.

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